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Excellent app

Simple and convenient

Easy to set up and use for many different needs

Love NordVPN

I love my NordVPN applications and services. I never have any trouble at all connecting and the software “just works” when I need it to, without any glitches or crashes. Smooth like butter.

Nord VPN works

I figured out how to use Nord VPN and it was simple and straight through


I’ve used VPNs for 5 years, and I’m impressed with NORD VPN. It’s easy to use, and has excellent customer service.

Fast, easy to use

It’s my go-to VPN in US and overseas. Not much slowdown in most applications (former PC and now entirely Mac + IThings. Stays on and solid.

Works great in Thailand

I’m from the states vacationing in Thailand. NordVPN has worked flawlessly for the last 2 weeks!

So far, so good

Turning out to be easy to use and fast, so far.

Poor connectivity

What is the point of a VPN that constantly disconnects and exposes your IP address? Works great on IOS, terrible on Mac. App is total rubbish and each update seems to make it worse not better. Had a support chat, downloaded the OpenVPN version, and so far so good, looks like just the app store version is bad.


Very affordable and very effective. Concerned about online security? Nord is the solution. Public IP anywhere in the world you want to browse from. A higher level of encryption is yet to be developed.

The App worked until I finally upgraded to High Sierra

NordVPN has a good reputation in the VPN arena but the last 3 days I have been wholey unimpressed by the VPN’s performance. I literally just solved my issues with upgrading to HS (I had to use my old SSD to get the firmware updated - horrible) but once I got HS installed the stable NORDVPN ceased to be stable. I would launch it - and it does connect to a IP in the US but then the interface just crashes - not allowing me any seleection or customization with the VPN. I know the VPN is connected as I an using the verification utility and when I speedtest it is choosing a location 2000 miles away from my house so i am getting some of the benefit but this flaw is un-nerving and is causing me to re-think staying with NORDVPN. THese guys used to be great - at the moment I cannot sya they are great. If they fix the issue (I have sent 3 emails) then I will change the rating but otherwise avoid software that acts sketchy…..

excellent vpn

It just works, always starts up when I reopen my mac. Very fast startup. Connections very fast.

Nordvpn is Great!

NordVPn is fast, smooth and very affordable! I would recommend this Vpn to all my friends!

Excellent VPN, Good customer service

This is the best VPN I’ve ever had. Super helpful customer service. No muss no fuss. Thanks!

Super secure.

For months and months ive experienced network intrusion. I should’ve looked into a VPN and thankful I ran into Nord. Havent had any issues since. If it holds true continuing ahead, i def will be a customer for a long time to come. I appreciate everybody behind the scenes who make things happen and left a handprint on this reputable company.


Set up was easy on two computers for this non-professional user. A minor issue regarding not switching to VPN when using temporary ISPs when on the road resolved itself in a week. No need for any queries so far after 4 months of use.

Fast, effective, user-friendly UI and priced well!

Nord VPN is very easy to use and priced well. I haven’t had any problems, so I think that it is doing it’s job. It doesn’t slow down my pc much, as long as I connect to a close server that isn’t overloaded. With a little effort you can find good servers and save them as favorites. Then you have plenty to choose from. I’m very pleased with this VPN!

easy fast intuitive

easy to download and to use.

First time VPN user

This does exactly what I bought it for - providing some anonymity on the web. I was warned that a VPN might slow my access, but if does, I can’t tell it. For purchasing and support, the company makes every interaction smooth and efficient.


Super fast and easy to use.

Don’t leave home without it

Easy to use, reliable, and good speeds.


NordVPN is an excellent application. I think it is expensive but it does the work it is supposed to do. If you are interested in researchin in other languages, this is the best investment you can do.

Working as Expected Except for Amazon.com when Connected In the United States

This is a good app to protect privacy on public wi-fi. I have used it in airports, and my travel companions have not been albe to detect my device. When I installed in initially, it did work with Amazon while connected in the USA. It was wonderful to search for items on Amazon without later receiving emails and popups about the item(s). Now I have to disconnect from the USA and reconnect in Canada to use VPN for Amazon. If this could be resolved, I would give 5 stars

Great VPN with a few annoying bugs

The VPN is great but sometimes it just hangs forever and the only way to get working again is to restart the computer. Same issue with the Android App.

Great VPN

Works great on my IMac, fast and no problems. Using with High Sierra.

Reliable and simple to use

No issues with my connection. I have received quick customer support when needed to setup my router.

Graet VPN

Always Works , good speed.

Great VPN

Great VPN. Very satisfied.

Works like it should

I’ve tried a few Mac VPN clients in the past and they were all not aestetically pleasing and weren’t very reliable. I’m glad I found NordVPN. It looks good and works great across multiple Macs.

Keep losing my preferred servers

This app is very helpful. I mostly use it to watch streaming video. I love that it has an app for my phone and for my computer. Obviously, speeds vary depending onserver usage, which varies by time of day. Fine. Nothing can be done for that. My complaints mostly have to do with the fact that there is no easy way to know which servers will work for my streaming (and often I run into servers that don’t). Combined with the fact that my favorites seem to disappear with each update, that is rather annoying, as I am forced to go through and find the numbers I remember work for my needs and make guesses. Occasionally, servers disappear or change numbers and I wish there was some function that would let the app automatically redirect me to the same server, rather than the same numer (which may correspond to a different server after renumbering happens). If (1) there were some way to easilly find and be connected to servers that work for specific video streaming apps, (2) favorites did not vanish with every update and (3) server renumbering could somehow be managed so I don’t lose my servers, then I would give the app a 5.

Great VPN

B4 I bought this service I checked over half dozen virtual private network offerings. I chose NordVPN because of its ownership location, incorporation country, speed, and availability of servers throughout the world. For me, living currently in the USA, NordPVN offered me the best value for the price of all these factors that I checked.

Should be named Frustration VPN

It is an absolute nightmare to set up on Mac. I cannot go past the login screen. There settings screen is a joke. There is no payment editing.

So good!

We all use Wifi networks that we probably shouldn’t. We all ignore security warnings. And just... hope for the best. The scary thing about hackers and/or cybersecurity is that we cannnot stop a hacker x_x. BUT you can make sure that your laptop, phone, etc. are not the easiest ones to hack in the room. That’s why I love having Nord, because having a VPN makes me less interesting to hackers. Not impervious, or un-hackable. Just not the scrauniest and most-sickly of the herd, that is gonna get picked-off by someone further up the cyber foodchain the me. All’s I have to do is remember to turn it on! ^_^

easily worth the price of admission

Yes is slows down my connection, and yes there are some sites where I have to shut off vpn, but thise are few so far, and the slow down I know only because I did speed tests, and not that I really noticed a slow down. A great price for peace of mind - no brainer for me.

It does what it says it does

For the 12+ months I have had it, NordVPN has been mostly excellent; i.e., reliable. For a several week period it became bafflingly unreliable but eventually I was able to resolve the issue by completely uninstalling and reinstalling. I still don’t know what the root cause might have been. I recall I also downloaded and instaled the “OpenVPN” app ***also from the NordVPN site***. Perhaps that created a clash. Anyway, completely uninstalling and reinstalling solved the problem. I’ve only had to do that once. Otherwise, my experience with NordVPN has been excellent.

Reliable, fast, secure.

I installed this on my Macbook Pro in about ten minutes and it's worked fine ever since. What's amazing is that depending on time of day and capacity, the IKE speeds often exceed those of my regular (cable) ISP's services. Try it out yourself.

Simple and easy to use on all devices

I have been using the app on all devices for a few months. It works very well and is easy to use.

Nice for the price

I have no problems at all. Some servers are slow as can be expected.


the worst app imaginable. waste of money

Better than it is purported to be

Except for using a VPN back many years ago in a government related operation, this is my first VPN for my private use. I conntected to it based on the reviews, basically the best bang for the buck. My experience has been positive all the way so far. My network speed loss is basically negligible and connectivity is spot on. When I connect the app connects me to the least congested server it can find that is nearest to me which is very user friendly & keeps it fast and anonymous. So, there may be faster ones out there; and there may be cheaper ones out there, but for 2 bucks and change a month the cost is about 30 times less that what my ISP charges per month. Don’t get me wrong I like my ISP, but I think I am falling in love with NordVPN.

Drops connections often

We have been using Nord for a full year. The service is spotty, at best. Over the past 3 months, connectivity and speed have degraded severely. Problems we consistently have: **Connections constantly drop on iPhones or iPad. **Speeds are middling to slow on all devices. At one point, we could only get 1mbps--and we have a 100mbps ISP service. It took almost an hour to find a server that connected at ~60mbps. **On all devices, if we use “quick connect” it almost never picks the fastest or most stable server. We constantly have to search and try many servers. **If using the IKE version on our Mac, it drops the connection and forces us to log in every.single.time. I.e., it does not work properly with the keychain. Nord's recommended solution? Switch to the OpenVPN version, which we did. However, the OpenVPN version no longer displays correctly on our Mac since the last upgrade. Their recommended solution? Yup, switch to the IKE version. A bit of an endless loop. **Connections are slow and spotty on the Mac. **On our iPhones and iPad, it can take up to 20 minutes for us to get a stable connection. We watch the icon in the app cycle back and forth between “connecting” “not connected” for up to 5 minutes at a time, stablize, and then start that pattern over again for multiple iterations. Trying to pick a different server sometimes works, sometimes does not. And the WORST: **We have our service on a subscription plan through the App Store. Our subscription, per the App Store and our payment records, is to renew tomorrow (Sept. 9). However, Nord cut us off 24 hours early and has not renewed our subscription, so we are without a VPN for the next 24 hours. I even have a screen shot of the Nord app showing our expiration is tomorrow, but when I looked at the app late this afternoon, Nord has changed it to Sept. 8 and killed our service. What a rip off. The fact that Nord does not log activity was the initial reason we selected them. However, if we can’t use the service, of course there won’t be any logs. We very grudginly decided to renew for one more year to give us time to test other VPN services. We now regret that decision, to say the least. The big question is now whether or not Nord will honor our subscription renewal tomorrow, or if they will insist we purchase a brand new plan at a higher rate.


So far, so good. Stable build, client is easy to use. Would like to have some add’l advanced settings, but that’s splitting hairs. It’s a good VPN.

So far so good

Stable and reliable. Not sure why all the negs, perhaps misconfiguration? Personally I would recommend it at this time and hopefully the quality of app and service will not degrade in time as it happened for other competitors which I left also due to price increases and lowering only of standards… only can say good things about nordvpn so far… hope others will have a similar positive experience.

Easy VPN to use!

I found that NordVPN IKE was very easy to use. After downloading from the App Store I was up and running and secure within minutes. I use the Quick Start option and I am often set up within seconds. I use the application primarily for secure connections for doing our banking and finances, and thus far I haven’t had any issues with connecting with any of the sites that I need to access. I think the security and peace of mind are WELL worth the investment.

Easy to use

Easy to use application for all of your devices. It just works!

Excellent value

Purchasing 3 years at $99 is an excellent value given you can use it across six devices. The UI is easy enough. To be fair, I cannot give an accurate comparison to other VPN services but have been happy with Nord after about two months.

Great VPN

Always works, easy to use. Good speed

Constant VPN password popups have essentially disabled my Mac

After installing this app and service, I get constant VPN authentication password popups when using other user accounts on my Mac. No matter what password I put in, the popup returns immediately, effectively disabling my Mac. Only the account that I installed the VPN app never has the popup. However, even after disconnecting from the VPN and quitting the app on that user account, I still get the annoying popups on my other user accounts. I can't recommend this app or service until this is resolved.

Simple, yet amazing

For the regular user who just wants to surf safely while at the local coffee shop, NordVPN IDE works perfectly. For the advanced user, there are options available to meet your needs. Need a P2P server? NordVPN has it. Need an Onion VPN? NordVPN has it. What’s great is that the IKE version (from the app store) has the best encryption available. What’s even greater is that once you pay for your subscription, if you have needs such as obfuscated servers, double VPN, or a dedicated IP VPN, Nord has another client you can use (it doesn’t have IKE encryption, but it’s still very secure) by going to their website and downloading it directly. You can have both clients on your system, and choose which one you want to use based on your needs. It’s the ability to choose exactly what you want, and the ease of which the NordVPN clients work, combined with the fact that NordVPN is always upgrading their services and their clients with feedback from their users, that really sets this application, and the company, apart from many other VPN clients.

Great VPN

IMHO this is the best VPN service out there. Not only is it goo but it is also very affordable. Highly recommended

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