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Privacy is no longer a problem.

Privacy is no longer a problem with Nord. Very easy to use software and they make sure your ISP cant log your data and sell/use it.

Great VPN!

Been using this VPN for over six years and they have constantly making it better. Very user-friendly and if you want more selection of servers rather than the quick country connects it is in the navigation drop down. They also have their VPN to run on your home router if some of you want to look into that. Overall it’s only been getting better with every update.

The Best VPN Set It and Forget It!

I had other paid VPN applications, and this one is the best. It works seamless on both iPhone and the Mac. On the iPhone, I turn it on first thing in the morning, and it stays logged in whether on cell signal or wifi wherever I go. When my phone switches from cell to wifi and back again, it is always on! Everyone seems to be concerned with unsecure free wifi, and they should be, however no one realy thinks too much about their cell signal. While you are on cell signal, go to an IP address testing website that also shows what information and “headers” are also being transmitted to everything you visit. Holy crap! So ya… I use NordVPN on my cell signal too!

Works great and is fast!

This VPN works excellent. It’s fast and there are plenty of servers worldwide. It was priced well for me as well. I paid the 3 year price which was about $100 for 3 years. Great deal for using it while volunteering with the US Peace Corps.

First Bad Experience on the App Store

(OS X 10.11.6) Like user Rxtst commented on March 2, 2018, I picked the app because of a very favorable review (PCMag #1 Pick). The download and install process was seamless and I easily created an account, which worked fine. However, also like user Rxtst, when I tried to connect to one of the servers, a popup window entitled “VPN Connection” appeared with a text box asking “Please enter your authentication information”. Even though I was already logged in, I entered my NordVPN password again. The window went away, but came back again in a few seconds. I tried entering the keychain password, but it came back yet again. Even clicking the “Cancel” button on the popup could not get it to go away and NordVPN never connected to the VPN server. I Googled the problem and even verified that the NordVPN app was able to store the password in my Keychain using KeychainAccess, but to no avail. Several other users commented that the support for this software is not responsive and I don’t have the time to deal with this. Mac software from the App Store is just supposed to work. This is the first and only time in my 10 years as a Mac user that ANY piece of software from the App Store has failed to work. I am extremey disappointed in this failure and that I just lost $11.99 without ever even getting to use the software once!!

Losing features now?

What happened to the application kill support?

Valuable Software Security Addition

I like Nord VPN service, affording another layer of protection, as I have been hacked and had credit card numbers stolen in the past. My only suggestion to Nord VPN would be to somehow make it work on Amazon.com. I'm not able to access Amazon and don't like turning it off to order something. There may be a good reason for Amazon to block Nord, but I don't have the problem anywhere else.

Lots of problems and finally canned the service

Had two different VPN services prior to this one but at the license expiration of PIA decided to try this one based on price considerations and reviews. Big mistake. Whereas PIA was simple, seamless and stable this service has given me problems since day 1. Rather than even attempt to engage their support center with their 48 hour response time its probably best to save time and just spend the money going back to a service that worked. Using a Mac running Sierra.



Not incredibly user friendly

One my computer I can find a list of locations and select my favorites to connect. On my laptop that is not available and I cannot select which location, only which country, I want to connect to, and I can’t find a single option to show the list of locations. Same for my phone. Each one seems to be a different program, and there are no clear instructions on how to operate the different features, P2P, Onion, etc etc, don’t know what that is? Too bad, it isn’t going to explain how to use ANY of it. THE SINGLE MOST ANNOYING ASPECT: the password window pops up CONTINUALLY. I came here just to say this. I must have entered my password 20 times, and not even a SECOND later it pops right back up asking for it again. This feature CANNOT be turned off. I UNINSTALLED THE ENTIRE PROGRAM and did it stop the password window from popping right back up in the way of what I am doing!? NOOOO!!! THE PROGRAM IS FRICKING GONE AND YET STILL THE EFFING PASSWORD WINDOW IS ASKING ME TO LOGIN FOR THE 200th effing TIME in two minutes!! If I could stab a password window in the eye right now I would!! UUuuugh!!!~lol

Use it all the time

Easy. No noticable impact on performance. Recommending it to freinds. Also use it on my phones.

Best iOS VPN

I have never had a problem with NordVpn on my iOS or Mac OS X devices. Windows app had an issue once apon a time but that was resolved a year or more ago. The best part about Nord is you get to choose your server and there are thousands to choose from. Find the fastsest ones and save them as favorites and you will always have 20mb downloads. I would like to see the app automatically find the fastest/best server for you at any given time and location. That would be dope.

On MacOS I had the same problem as a review below by Rxtst from Mar2-2018

I installed on Android and it worked well on MacOS it keeps asking me for passwords that I have never set, just like Rxtst described below. I uninstalled and reinstalled again, similar problem. I do not recommend this for MacOS.

Great App! Great Service! Affordable

Everyone should have


Works great. I would recommend this Vpn for anyone who doesnt understand security and wants to be free from snooping and tracking. Easy to install, works with a single click once its installed.

so far so bad

If it wasn’t for the ease of use this app would be given 1 star. I will say, set up and everything is really easy compared to a lot of other VPNs however…as soon as it was activate it slowed everythign I did on the internet down. I also noticed a lot of web pages (example amazon) were behaving very oddly. Clicking on a image gallery in the review section of amazon and no matter what picture I clicked on the same one kept showing. Deactivated the app and it started working again. Every page I went to took forever to load. I’ve literally only had this app a few hours but this was enough of an issue immediately wanted to leave a review. I’ll give it a few more days but if thi continues I will ask for a refund there’s no way Im paying $12 a month to be on dial up speeds.

Works well on Apple

Generally works well on Apple products. Occasionally run into websites that won’t load on the VPN but work well while disconnected. Use it on Mac Book and Ipad. Would purchase it again.

The best

Pretty much the best VPN software out there.

Sounds great, right? Its terrible, could not even get it to load on OS or iOS

You are probably like me. The reviews say NordVPN is the way to go. So you buy it. Why not right? It is a terrible product. It does not work after the initial download. I was able to make iOS work for a a few hours, but I have been working to make OS work for about 2 hours now and it just does not work. Is it good? I have no clue because it does not work. I can tell you that an “easy to use” VPN should be better than this. Go spend your money elsewhere. This product is a joke. Thanks.

Cuts My Speed by Almost 2/3

Without NordVPN: 186.75 Mbps, 3.5 Mbps, averages of 3 consecutive tests. With Nord VPN: 68.25 Mbps, 1.5Mbps, averages of 3 consecutive tests. All tests were connected to the same server and run within five minutes total. That’s a huge difference. Thankfully, I had the free trial.

Best VPN service I have used

Tried other major VPN services and I thought flakiness is a norm. Nord is not only inexpensive, it’s reliable and fast. They have a lot of servers in the countries that I wanted to access and the ability to choose a server based on its current load is great. I highly recommend this company. (I have switched to Nord VPN for about a year now.)

can’t use in china now

Today 2018.06.25 can’t use any node.

Great service, UI could be improved

This is a stable, reliable VPN. The Kill Switch (disabling the network if the VPN disconnects) is a really smart feature. However, the UI is pretty weak (main view is a map, no way to favorite countries rather than specific servers).


I use NordVPN since 10 month and so far - not too bad. However, I had to contact the customer service and they are very helpful for me. The App here in the App store is a different one as on their web site. After struggeling with the NordVPN IKE, I had to download from the web site and this works great. At all not too bad, but a lot of space to improve. Based on prior experience, the best VPN, I ever had. Keep going!

Nice App!

Really nice features this app has

Froze my Mac

As soon as I installed this on my MacBook Pro my computer froze. When I restarted, the screen kept refreshing. I had to uninstall the app. I am going to use the VPN on my mobile devices because it seems to work well on those. I will not reinstall it on my Mac.


This is must buy for security!

Quick and Easy

As a computer professional, I use NordVPN to assure my privacy and avoid malware exploits while connected in stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, at work, at home, and even at church. Knowing enough of the many ways we can be negatively impacted by data ransomers, credit card and bank account thieves, and feckless social media sites, and all the rest, NordVPN is a welcome addition to my network defense strategy.


I’ve been happy with the newest version of the NORDVPN.

Love this app

This is the best VPN tool I have found that works all the time for me, love it. love it.

Governmental restricted control is not freedom.

This tool allowes you to visit the internets of other countries. If you enjoy traveling around the world in the real world, try it in the digital world. You wont regreat it. Knowledge is power and that is why governments want to control the internet. Fight back!

Bad Update

ALL servers show to be 6 miles from my location after the last update. Answer me this—how can servers in countries thousands of miles from my location be 6 MILES from my location?

Works as advertised

App is easy to use, straight forward and works as advertised. Each update continues to improve upon the next. Keep up the good work.

This is the one to get

If you want rock solid reliability and great macOS compatibility at a reasonable price, this is the one to get. Go for the three year plan for the best savings.

Worst VPN ?

Incredible bad experience. Connected to a server where I am located. Unable to logon to my local financial accounts. Even got a challenge from Bank of America asking if I were a dual citizen? Then checked the IP location and it showed location in San Francsico and IP in Europ? Causing my logins to be challenged, one website even refused to even load, until I disconnect from Nord. Incredibly slow connections too, can you believe maybe 30mbps dowhnlloand speed and I am located close to the VPN Server? My home downlload speed without VPN connections averages from 160 to 295 mbps. I get up to 150 mbps with Strong VPN and maybe 80 - 100 with Pure VPN, which are more than adequate speeds for my needs. What disturbs me most is that NORD receives top reviews, questionable, but notice that most if not all of these reviews have links to sign up with NORD.I just wonder if these internet reviewers get a very high commision for their reviews, because I have used Pure, Strong, Opera abd Surf Easy in the past two months, But 12 hours of Nord was enough to make me panic and take action to receive credit to my account, whew! Which I did!

Once again, avoid if using El Capitan

Version 4.5.5 - Immediately upon installing, began prompting for my NordVPN password approximately every 3 seconds. Lost all Internet connectivity. Only way to stop the infinite loop was to restart my Mac. Used Time Machine to replace it with 4.3.3. It probably works OK with Sierra and higher. But it shouldn’t be advertised as OS X 10.11 and higher.

Does everything it says

No complaints whatsoever

Easy to use and effective

Great easy to use desktop and mobile application that gave me peace of mind when it came to securing my network traffic.

Great VPN

Love the product, especially the alternatives for connecting via native app, browser extension, etc. Recommend.

Great App

Love this app, it does a great job.

Support is horrible

When I first downloaded the product everything was working, a bit slow but working. After an update the App stopped working completely, it would just crash when starting. I open a support ticket and they pushed me to download another version which was outside of Apple store. I refused and I received a survey on how well they did supporting me, lol… They did not follow up after a couple emails to help get product working again. Unfortunately I paid for a multi-year subscription. This is exactly why i wait to post feedback to make sure I do not praise before throughly using the product. As they say, the product is only as food as its support.

Works as advertised

I’ve been using this for over a year and it works as advertised. It is having trouble “fooling” DirectTVNow so do not buy it for that purpose.


Bought the app. After setting up an account, it asked for my Apple Keychain password to log in. I declined. Couldn’t log in. Was subsequently unable to log in. Tried to reset my passwrod to try logging in again. 3 times. No response. Sent a message to customer support. Received no reply. Waited. Received no reply. Deleted app. Requested and received a refund from Apple. End. Do Not Recommend.


So easy to use, and very quick!

Good so far

Nord provides a wide selection in VPN regions which is awesome. Haven’t noticed any decrease in internet speed and it seems to be working fine. The UI is great as well as it allows for some cool customizations. Much better than any browser VPN that will probably sell your data.

Gets The Job Done

As many know, Nord is a bit pricey but it has offered excellent web protection for my devices as I travel frequently between the US and Mexico. I will contiue using their service and I have recommended Nord to my friends as well.

Fast and secure

After couple of months of use in all my IOS, MacOS and Windows devices, I surely recommend it. It’s fast, secure and works as advertised. Be aware, however, that using a VPN while accessing Google and/or Amazon (and I suspect Facebook and othars) can be difficult and tricky as they can’t mine your data.

Great VPN

What’s not to like? Price is right. Install is easy. Fine tuning had a little learning curve for me (first time VPNer) but nothing difficult and all needed info was already on line and easy to find. For all I know there may be better VPNs, but I’m not going to look for another as long as this one coninues to perform and satisfy. I’m happy!

the app demands that i review

it works tho

No issues so far

Been using NordVPN for quite some time now and I have no issues pertaining to the VPN service. Some websites block your usage of VPNs but that’s not the VPN’s fault. Speeds are fast, although any VPN will introduce some latency/lag to load times on web pages and such.

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